Life-cycle of BASSnet Replicator 3.1

Dear Customer

This is to inform you that the life-cycle of the BASS Replicator 3.x is coming to an end.

There are several reasons for this:

– The technical platform of Replicator 3.x is Visual Basic 6 - already an unsupported and obsolete platform since many years. Guaranteeing a safe execution in more recent- and coming versions of Windows is not something we can guarantee.

– The use of MAPI to access the Inbox and Outbox of the default mail client is considered a liability. To overcome that, we have for years had to acquire a special component that behind the scenes performs a Click OK action to bypass a security prompt. This allows directly accessing the aforementioned mail boxes. Every time Microsoft issues a new major or minor version of their Office suite, a new component must be acquired that have been enhanced to adapt to new behavior related to this security mechanism.

Replicator version 4.x has been in production for years now and is a solid and faster executing replacement for the 3.x edition.

We encourage all existing customers using the 3.x version to plan for an upgrade.

Please contact BASS Support or the Service Manager if you need further information.

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